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Modern system architecture is essential for your ERP system to flexibly and quickly adapt to new challenges, to actively support your change management and to profit from your competitive advantages in a variable environment.


TradeControl was developed with the claim to achieve the best combination of standardisation and individual adaptability combined with complete release capability. The basis forms industry-neutral program objects for business processes with industry and/or customer-specific software versions.

The extensive pool of standard functions of TradeControl becomes the perfectly matching solution through industry-specific reference models and customer-specific versions. TradeControl thus meets the demands you make on a software as an important tool to achieve your business goals.

The object-oriented software concept allows the exact customising of the functions, processes, fields, mask contents, forms, alarm functions, etc. We go through all the business processes with you in workshops; special cases are recorded and organisational solutions proposed. This allows us to take your exact requirements into account already during the proposal phase. This prevents uncertainties at a later stage.


TradeControl provides you and your employees with a familiar working environment. This saves you from the start on costs for training and provides your employees with a tool that fully meets today's standards. The clearly structured design and user friendliness of TradeControl will convince you. The high degree to which TradeControl integrates with Microsoft Office optimally supports the user in his working environment.


TradeControl is open for the integration of customers and suppliers, e.g. via Edifakt and unlimited integration into shop solutions and procurement portals.

TradeControl can be integrated into your telephone system via a TAPI interface. This allows you to select a phone number per mouse click. At incoming calls the customer file is automatically called up.

TradeControl also uses SMS as a contemporary medium for brief information, e.g. a message on delivery readiness or completion of a repair order.