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Founded more than 30 years ago by Fritz Pfundner, the company is today the most successful family business in the IT industry. Besides the continuous expansion of the software division through the acquisition of industry-specific software companies such as A. Wohlmann GmbH in the building materials trade and Eurosystems Trade GmbH in the paint trade, a separate business unit for IT infrastructure was established in 1998, which has since become extremely successful. The revenues of the PCS group were increased tenfold during the last decade.


The PCS Group of Companies currently has a staff component of 61 with a total turnover of EUR 88 million in the 2013 fiscal year.


In 2006, Fritz Pfundner transferred his shares and the management of the company to his sons Martin and Michael.

PCS Group of Companies

"Our success formula: Consistent industry focus, continuous investments in our own ERP solution TradeControl and excellent customer references."
Company founder Fritz Pfundner